Osborne calls for more centralisation

That is the effect of calling, similar to Alex Salmond, for a two year council tax freeze. Ploughing national revenue into local government may sound attractive in the short term, but in the longer term it means even less fiscal autonomy. Given this will be happening during a higher than average period of inflation, we’re talking about a real shift here. My rough calculations put that as representing local government going from raising £1 in every £4 it spends to nearer £1:£5. How can the Tories continue to claim to be localists?


  1. “a higher than average period of inflation”???
    What planet do you reside on?
    OK inflation will go up – as the WSC said, “we will wait and see, and so will the fish!”

  2. I live on the planet that has this graph. What planet are you on?

    More to the point, if inflation isn’t likely to be a problem in the future, why is Gideon calling for a council tax freeze? You can’t have it both ways.

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