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First of all, let’s get this out of the way.

Got that? So, I used to be a lot of things. I used to be a Liberal Democrat activist at quite a high level. I worked for the Liberal Democrat Youth and Students, was on the party’s Federal Executive and co-founded the Social Liberal Forum. I walked away from all that because I grew sick of party politics, how much energy it drains from you and the mindset it forces you to adopt. I’m still a liberal, left of centre and a Georgist, with several firm views about politics, but I don’t consider myself aligned to any political party. In recent years, my feminism has become increasingly prevalent and I’ve come to regard any political initiative as a waste of time if it isn’t first and foremost about dismantling patriarchy.

I used to bang on a lot about intergenerational equity and the housing bubble. With the crash in 2008, most of my worst fears seem to have come true and yet things seem to be getting worse. It’s exhausting and I’m pretty despondent about it all.

More recently, I was a professional campaigner for Unlock Democracy and its predecessor organisation the New Politics Network for 10 years until September 2014. I was the social media manager for the Yes to Fairer Votes campaign during the AV referendum. I built the award winning Vote Match. I continue to have a major interest in democratic reform and engagement, which is also quite depressing.

My interests outside of politics have grown increasingly important to me in recent years. I’m a keen cinephile and reader of comics (I’m really bad at reading books, although I can technically do it). A lifelong tabletop gamer, I’m very into modern board and card games. A frustrated roleplayer since the age of nine, I discovered indie and story games in 2012 and have been a passionate advocate of them ever since.

To contact James, please email semajmaharg&at&gmail&dot&com (if you can’t work out which bits there to replace with appropriate characters, there is no hope for you). Please don’t send me dumb marketing emails, you’ll only be wasting your turn (if you’re doing some crumby job which involves looking up blogger biographies and putting them on a database, I sincerely suggest you reexamine your priorities).

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