My article in Parliamentary Monitor

I’ve got an article in the latest issue of Parliamentary Monitor. Annoyingly you can’t read it online without a subscription but if you are going to any of the party conferences you should be able to pick up an issue there. I’m always a little wary of what sub-editors will do to my stuff but… Continue reading My article in Parliamentary Monitor

Where’s Lemby? Day Eight

Today is the day of the great Segway protest. Risking his personal freedom to take a stand on this vital issue of civil liberties, Lembit and a couple of Tories drove a couple of hundred yards on a two wheeled scooter, which a typically understated Lembit described as “the biggest step forward in transportation since… Continue reading Where’s Lemby? Day Eight

Property Prices and Jon Henley

I meant to blog about Jon Henley’s essay in the Guardian the other day about the housing market but didn’t get round to it. However, watching the second half of the first part of his TV series on Channel 4 last night has spurred me into action. Generally, I was disappointed with the article and… Continue reading Property Prices and Jon Henley