Daily Archives: 4 September 2008

Where’s Lemby? Day Three

Still no sign of anything at lembit4president.co.uk. I did however get around to looking at the source code – it’s not just a 404 but actually a frame linking to an external site which is currently 404 – which points to a page on dilatedsky.co.uk. This also draws a blank, but it is registered to a Neil Noakes, whose entirely unenlightening LinkedIn profile can be found here.

James Graham – internet detective.

Meanwhile, new Lembit links on teh internets today include a characteristically surreal appearance in a Hooting Yard entry and, via Liberal England, the announcement that Lembit will be taking part in a protest against the banning of Segways on public highways. Exactly the sort of priority we are looking for in a President of the party!

In the interests of balance, a link to the competition.


For a trial basis I’ve added Politigg buttons on my blog posts. Although I have a ShareThis hoojamaflip at the bottom of my posts from which you can use any standard social bookmarking website, it doesn’t appear to generate much usage and the appeal of Politigg is that is specifically focuses on politics, which is my field (I’ll add a “geekigg” button as well should one become available).

The problem I have with all these social bookmarking websites is that there are so many of them. With no gold standard, it gets a bit frenetic. So whether I stick with Politigg depends entirely on whether others do the same.

UPDATE: One thing I should add though is that I am intrigued that under ‘political parties’ Politigg offers you the choice of the Libertarian Party and the English Democrats, but not the SWP, Respect or any other established hard left party (no NI parties either). So it is clear where the developers are coming from!