Daily Archives: 3 September 2008

Bournemouth Conference – final amendments deadline looming (9 September)

Just been skimming through the Bournemouth Conference agenda. A few thoughts:

a) I’m thinking of writing an amendment for the Europe policy paper, but I’ll blog about that seperately.

b) No-one has requested a seperate vote on Road User Charging in the transport debate. Not being a conference rep, I don’t have that option. Anyone?

c) Regarding membership fees: the Bones Commission recommends making the “recommended” rate the “minimum” membership fee (but keeping the concessionary rate). I agree. Would anyone support an amendment to this effect? Or, if you think that is too big a step in one go, upping the minimum rate to, say, £20?

UPDATE: I’ve left it a bit late to be organising any amendments. Soz. None of them were crucial.

Where’s Lemby? – Day Two

Still no sign of the Lembit for President campaign. However, I do feel that I have been a little unfair. Lembit has, in fact, been preparing this campaign by raising his profile in the mass media. A winning formula, since far more members watch the telly than read boring old political blogs. Even better, he appeared this year on Comic Relief’s Celebrity Apprentice. Here is Lembit demonstrating the sort of negotiation and management skills that he will need as Federal President of the Lib Dems: