Lembit versus Lembit

Lembit OpikLembit is making a great deal out of the fact that he has more Facebook supporters than Ros Scott, which is fair enough. I’ve never bought into this idea that this election is a shoe-in for Ros Scott. He can also claim a mini-coup in the fact that Mark Littlewood has abandoned ship and is backing Lembit over and above his Liberal Vision colleague Chandila Fernando.

One thing that confuses me about the Lembit Facebook strategy though is how come he has two, apparently official Facebook groups? One has 516 members, the other features an official video. It’s almost as if they launched an official Facebook group but it was less successful than a disparate group of supporters who had managed to get more people to sign up in the same amount of time, so they abanoned ship. With the website change as well, it certainly does seem as if there has been a mini-coup d’etat within Team Opik. But if you have to save your candidate from himself, is he really worth saving?


  1. I’ve just checked Facebook and appear to actually have been unfriended by Lembit (or someone in his campaign possibly). Bit much really as I actually have had discussions with the man in person and by letter/email at various times over the years as well as being a fellow Bangorian Lib Dem.

  2. Actually, I have signed up to his facebook group – and to Ros Scott’s as well. However, Chandila will definitely be getting my first preference. Also – haven’t forgotten a defenced of The Cameron Effect – just hasn’t quite made it to the “urgent” tray yet…apols.

  3. Don’t be absurd Mark – what you’re suggesting would imply that Lembit’s level of support isn’t as great as the number of people on his Facebook group would suggest, which is of course absurd – why would Lembit choose to press release it if it was a completely meaningless indicator of support.

    Next you’ll be suggesting that a lot of people in the group are non Lib Dems who only joined because they consider Lembit to be a joke. Crazy.


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