Where’s Lemby? Day Five

Not much to report on Lembit today, so I thought I woud segway (geddit??!!) by talking about his grandfather, Ernst Opik (nb. this blog is an umlaut free zone). According to the Daily Mail, in Estonia “the surname Opik is treated with solemn reverence. His family is perhaps the brainiest the Baltic states have ever… Continue reading Where’s Lemby? Day Five

Caroline Lucas – should the Lib Dems be worried?

Caroline Lucas has just won the Green Party leadership election with 92% of the vote. Rumours that she is about to grow a moustache and answer to the name Saddam are apparently wide of the mark. Seriously though, the Lib Dems should be worried about this. Not panicked by any means, but at least alert… Continue reading Caroline Lucas – should the Lib Dems be worried?

Three Cheers for Tim Leunig!

Tim Leunig has written an excellent, one page article in the Green Lib Dems‘ Challenge magazine about why Lib Dem support for road user charging is thoroughly wrong headed. Sadly, you can’t read the article online as it is GLD policy not to do so in order to encourage you to join the organisation (for… Continue reading Three Cheers for Tim Leunig!