Bittersweet Sympathy for Lembit

I’ve resisted requests to set up a post Where’s Lemby? Lembit watch, but this strange video can’t go unmentioned:

Is it me or does he come across as rather aggressive, roaming his “ordinary street” and emphasising how he goes “ROUND… THIS… COUNTRY!”

The overall effect is rather reminiscent of a certain Verve video:

Don’t you think it would have been so much better if he’d careered into a few innocent bystanders a la Richard Ashcroft? At least this video doesn’t feature a riverboat steamer.


  1. Watching with no sound I can confirm this is an imposter. Each time I have walked down a street with Lembit he has had a mobile phone glued to his ear. Didn’t half slow down delivery in Leicester South…

  2. Just a complete tube. Seriously embarrassing for him.

    Any hope Lembit had of collecting a vote should be extinguished with that video!

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