Will Lembit have me arrested?

I’ve just updated Prawn Free Lembit with Mr Opik’s latest column from the Daily Sport and it has put me in a bit of a quandary. You see, by posting that column, I’m breaching copyright. I’m a pretty good boy when it comes to copyright violation generally – unusually for my generation even where music… Continue reading Will Lembit have me arrested?

Eye See Sound Episode 002

Please watch this and let me know if you are having any problems viewing it in the comments below. You can watch it via the Eye See Sound website and access all the full length videos, live sessions, etc. by going to: http://www.eyeseesound.tv/

F**k you very very much, Lily Haw-Haw

Good grief. Who put Lily Allen up to this? It has become a cliche to bemoan politicians for not “getting it” but where does one start? The whole POINT about file-sharing is that it enables artists to by-pass record companies. This massive debt that Allen complains about is part of an old, outmoded business plan.… Continue reading F**k you very very much, Lily Haw-Haw