My thoughts on the Obama election win

I’m sure I have nothing to say here that will prove especially interesting or insightful, but I thought I should stick my two pennorth in nonetheless. I wasn’t entirely overwhelmed by Obamamania in 2008, but I’ll admit I was excited and stayed up to watch the results. This time, not so much. I am pleased… Continue reading My thoughts on the Obama election win

You are all individuals! (Obamamania)

I didn’t watch Obama’s inauguration this evening. Instead, I sat on the bus reading the coverage on Twitter. For some reason, reading all these excited 140-character messages about Obama bigging up the atheists and getting down with the gays (or possibly not) – interspersed with irrelevancies – reminded me quite a lot of this:

Where’s Lemby’s Answers? Day 4

“Adrian Pennock” (is this some obscure football/Ipswich angle I haven’t come across?) has a new angle on the conspiracy theory: Lembit’s conspiracy angle sits well with the refusal to organise official hustings and let members see for themselves that the Baroness ought not to be party president for very obvious reasons which would be exposed… Continue reading Where’s Lemby’s Answers? Day 4