I was about to go to bed, only to discover that this blog is the top Google result for the search “similarities korean klingon” and that someone actually found me that way. I’ve also been impressed by the number of people finding this blog over the last 48 hours because of my post about Kryptonite.… Continue reading Qapla’!

[OPEN THREAD] Reforming privacy laws: a little help?

A plea for help: as I’ve mentioned before, I’m sitting on the Lib Dems’ Better Governance Working Group. I’ve been tasked with coming up with some detailed policy on what the Lib Dems would do on the thorny issue of privacy. Specifically: would we reform data protection? What is our response to the Regulatory of… Continue reading [OPEN THREAD] Reforming privacy laws: a little help?

Bin Spin

Today has clearly ‘bin’ a rubbish news day. The Daily Mail are crusading to stop councils from moving to fortnightly collections. Outgoing leader of the LGA and Tory Peer Gideon Sandy Bruce-Lockhart has been defending fortnightly collections (and can I take a moment to reflect on the wonderful name that is “Doretta Cocks”?). Meanwhile, in… Continue reading Bin Spin