Credit where it’s due

The Evening Standard and Liberal Vision have been patting Guido Fawkes on the back for observing the uncanny similarity between David Cameron’s latest airbrushed photo and Lt Cmdr Data from Star Trek: The Next Generation. Only one slight problem with this: Guido actually got the idea from me as I tweeted this observation over a… Continue reading Credit where it’s due

Patrick McGoohan & Ricardo Montalban RIP

Losing Patrick McGoohan today was bad enough, but then it was announced that Ricardo Montalban has died as well. This is indeed a sad day. For politicos, McGoohan is probably the greater loss because of his highly political (and radical – not just of its time but of all time) subversion of the secret agent… Continue reading Patrick McGoohan & Ricardo Montalban RIP


Related to my previous post, I was a little disappointed by this article, which promised so much yet failed to deliver. The last time the Democrats controlled the White House and both houses of Congress, Gillian Anderson wore pants. There were two Star Trek series at once, which promoted women and minorities and looked at… Continue reading Futurbama