Salmond proposes an independence loop-de-loop

You may have noticed I gave myself a miliband or two of wriggle room when I said that my Friday post on Scotland was ‘possibly’ my last one. Euan Ferguson’s hagiographic, and appallingly badly written, article about Alex Salmond in the Observer today got me hopping: The border, slow epoxy, is setting. Every indication, every… Continue reading Salmond proposes an independence loop-de-loop

RoboCop comes out against elected mayors

An interview in the Guardian: Looking colourful in a salmon pink shirt and maroon pair of braces that contrast with his grey, brushed-back hair, Mallon claims that the mayoral model is open to abuse by the power-crazy. He realised that after meeting another mayor early in his tenure – whom he refuses to name. “I… Continue reading RoboCop comes out against elected mayors

Turks march for secularism

Presumably Sentamu and Williams will be condemning this: Hundreds of thousands of people have rallied in Istanbul in support of secularism in Turkey, amid a row over a vote for the country’s next president. The protesters are concerned that the ruling party’s candidate for the post remains loyal to his Islamic roots. The candidate, Abdullah… Continue reading Turks march for secularism