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New Kosher Koke with added Kosher!

I read this article about Kosher Coke a few weeks ago, found it vaguely amusing, and forgot all about it. Then yesterday I was in Waitrose and noticed that in their passover section they had Israeli Coke.

This is odd because, as the Guardian article says, UK Coke uses real sugar and not the dastardly high fructose corn syrup which causes the problem. So why offer the Israeli version?

It’s certainly true that if you walk into any corner shop these days you will find Coke from all corners of the world. Occasionally I wonder if I ought to catalogue the stuff and review each one – I could become the Coke equivalent of Hugh Johnson. I certainly detest French Coke, and I suspect it may be because of HFC (either that or they piss in the water). But this is Waitrose – the only Coke they sell in their drinks section is from Uxbridge.

Presumably, the reason is that the Coke-not-kosher thing has spread largely by word of mouth and has taken on urban myth status. The only Coke you can truly rely on to be definitely kosher is the Israeli version and consumer demand has done the rest. Nonetheless, it’s fascinating that there is enough demand for the stuff that it gets pride of place among all the other basics in what is not that large a display. And it suggests that a hierarchy of kosher is developing, in which ancient laws of food is getting mashed up with contemporary geo-politics.

On a related note, whatever happened to Mecca Cola? It got a lot of publicity in 2003 and I remember enjoying a couple of bottles on 15/2, but I haven’t seen it since and their website appears to have not been updated for years. I tried to work out from it whether their drink was kosher or not, but couldn’t find an ingredients list. Poor show.

Scots, independence and the poond

The SNP are correct to point out that claims about passport checks on the border if Scotland becomes an independent country are wide of the mark, but on one issue I’m a little confused.

If they are to retain the pound as currency, who will set the interest rate, and in whose interests will they be set?

Currently the (unfortunately named, but it was founded by a Scot) Bank of England sets this rate, and while independent it does so on the grounds of what is in the UK’s best interest. With independence, surely, the Bank of England would only have an interest in setting a rate that accords with the remaining UK’s economic interests. So, does this mean the Scots end up with less say over their economic policy than they do at present? Or does it assume that the remaining UK will agree to some kind of common economic policy. For it to be meaningful, this presumably would mean that Scotland would have an effective veto, otherwise the UK would simply outvote them every time. In which case, how does it accord with Salmond’s assertion that independence will mean the English will no longer be bossed around by Scots (something which I would question anyway, but there you go)?

The third and fourth options, that Scotland adopts the Euro and that it establishes its own currency have been ruled out by the SNP. This presupposes that they have a right to tell the very country they reject what we can and can’t do with our own currency. The words ‘pig’ and ‘poke’ spring to mind.

Blogger’s CoC

Comics Code Authority logoThis would seem to be a rather silly idea, almost as silly as what Jimmy Wales is wearing in the accompanying photo.

By all means, have the debate, but what on Earth will it achieve?

I can’t help but suspect that it’s on its way though, and certain forces of darkness will embrace it with open arms. No doubt certain major blogs will be tempted to adopt a policy of only linking to other blogs that carry the code logo and people who have never particularly had much of a problem (I include myself in this) will suddenly find themselves having to conform or face needless censorship.

Do we really need yet another moral panic? I thought these web 2.0 fellas were more sensible than that.

Up until relatively recently, there was a time when the this logo was on every major comic published in the US. It was a laughable act of self-censorship that reduced the medium to kiddy superheroics and set it back literally decades. This being the internet, everything happens much faster and is harder to control, but people should be wary of the fascist hive mindset that lies behind it.