Gunning for Pedro

The Evening Standard is getting all excited about some of the poses struck by Cho Seung-Hui and their similarities to some of the characters’ in Korean Film Oldboy. Not very difficult subtext to work out there: Korean = mad killer obsessed society = accident waiting to happen. Twas ever thus from the Northcliffe Press. Having… Continue reading Gunning for Pedro

Extreme Normalcy

I’m intrigued that the latest 2000AD Extreme Edition features a number of old Max Normal reprints, given that this somewhat obscure supporting character got his own little (acknowledged) homage in Saturday’s Doctor Who. Has the editor (and former DWM honcho) Alan Barnes been on the blower to Russell T? It’s all a conspiracy. UPDATE: As… Continue reading Extreme Normalcy

Vote Blue, Go Red

Notwithstanding a certain caution about taking Friends of the Earth’s assessment at face value, this diagram (click to enlarge) is a pretty bad indictment on the Conservatives’ claims to be an environmentally friendly party. More info on the Friends of the Earth Scotland website and The Herald. The Lib Dems fare better than the SNP… Continue reading Vote Blue, Go Red