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In praise of the nation’s youth

Not only did they organise together to get the Blue Peter cat to be named “Cookie” but after the BBC’s censorship had been exposed, they got their way anyway. A quick visit to the Urban Dictionary reveals their plan. The BBC producer who tried to stop them from getting their way has not only been over-ruled but may end up getting sacked over the affair. Sheer genius.

After finding my hit count rocket up when I used the phrase “Konnie Huq modelling the latest in tweenie fetish wear” it has been made quite clear to me that there is a subculture out there which is desperate to catch Konnie stroking Cookie live on air.

Who says the young are apathetic?


I was about to go to bed, only to discover that this blog is the top Google result for the search “similarities korean klingon” and that someone actually found me that way.

I’ve also been impressed by the number of people finding this blog over the last 48 hours because of my post about Kryptonite. It’s good to see people grappling with the really important issues of the day.

Finally, I still get a significant number of visits from Konnie Huq fans. Disgracefully, I suspect this is because of the promise of seeing her “modelling the latest in tweenie fetish wear“.

Blue Peter Corrupt – Official

The BBC have truly lost it. Druggie presenters is one thing. Cynical competitive parents buying Blue Peter badges on eBay is quite another. But for Blue Peter to be involved in fixing a competition is, well, tantamount to defecating over the UK’s collective childhood experience.

An apology is not nearly enough. The entire production team and current presenters should be sacked. “Just following orders” cannot be accepted as a legitimate excuse. They should have taken a stand. After this, anything is possible. Konnie Huq modelling the latest in tweenie fetish wear? Some other presenter (I’ve only heard of Konnie Huq) showing kids how to make their own crackpipe out of bits of sticky backed plastic and a washing up liquid bottle? You name it.

The rot has got to be stopped!!!

Seriously, what sort of message does it send out to children if this sort of thing can be just glossed over? The message the BBC is sending out here is corruption is fine, so long as you apologise. Lord Reith must be spinning in his grave.

They have to pay a blood price.