Daily Archives: 24 April 2007

The ghost in the machine

Rob Fenwick posted an article about the websites of the various Lib Dem GLA wannabes on Lib Dem Voice. It’s worth reading, and Rob has included his working so you don’t have to take his view at face value.

Nasser Butt‘s website came bottom. Not entirely surprising since, apart from anything else, pretty much all the buttons on it come up with the response ‘not available at this present time’. Not exactly impressive. What did tickle me about this site is the bizarre heading on the welcome page:

Welcome to my online presence

It’s like he’s in the room with me!

As for how I’ll vote? I’m not at all sure yet. I’m torn between voting entirely on politically correct lines on the basis that the more diverse a group of people we have at the top of the list in terms of gender and ethnicity, the better it is for the party from a branding perspective, and the argument that if the biggest morons in the party get onto the GLA, they will be out of everyone else’s hair for four years. Either way, that doesn’t look good for sensible, white male candidates and it is sad that after 7 years of the GLA, I still can’t treat it as seriously as I would a Parliamentary or even local council selection. But then, I’ve written about this before.

Where is Lois when you need her?

Appalling media misinformation about kryptonite today.

As any fule kno, kryptonite doesn’t have to be green, that is just the type that kills Kryptonians (not ‘sap them of their powers’ as the BBC and others put it – that’s gold kryptonite). In fact, white kryptonite is supposed to have a lethal effect on plantlife, but it also appears to be useful for stabilising bizarros.

Of course, if you read the small print, it turns out that the story is based on the fact that the newly found compound has ‘almost‘ the same elements as the kryptonite shown in the recent Superman Returns film, except it doesn’t contain fluorine. This is a bit like saying that oxygen is the same as water, except for the fact that it doesn’t contain hydrogen. It’s also a completely different formula to the one in Superman 3:

The chemical composition for the Kryptonite that Richard Pryor’s computer screen reads: Plutonium: 15.08% Tatalum: 18.06% Xenon: 27.71% Promethium: 24.02% Dialium: 10.62% Mercury: 3.94% Unknown: 0.57%.

But the worst thing about this story is that it turns out that Ananova doesn’t know the difference between Serbia and Siberia.
Ananova news item about kryptonite
In fact, on the last count, 24 news sources found via Google News made the same elementary mistake.