Maclean’s whitewash

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Maclean’s toothpasteWarning: this product leaves a white sheen on surface but does not actually clean. May leave a bitter aftertaste. Not to be taken seriously.

See the new facebook group for more information.

3 thoughts on “Maclean’s whitewash

  1. Er . . . I don’t have a Facebook account, though I’ve heard it’s the latest thing, so a few more details might be appreciated. On another matter entirely, what does one have to do to get published on Lib Dem Voice? I sent Rob an article yesterday afternoon, but I haven’t heard a squeak from him since. So I rang him today; he said he’d get back to me, but of course he didn’t.

    What’s the deal? Is there some sort of Masonic handshake that I don’t know about?

  2. Okay, it is a facebook group in support of the Freedom of Information Act, currently under attack by David Maclean MP (hence the toothpaste).

    As for Lib Dem Voice, nothing to do with me! Take it up with Rob directly.

  3. Well, I’ve tried that! It was a fantastic article too!!! I’m afraid I’d have to give Lib Dem Voice about 4 out of 10. Far too many pointless 50 word articles sniping at Tory or Labour. For someone like me, who leans towards the Lib Dems but is not a member, that sort of thing is just a complete turn off.

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