Vote Blue, Go Red

Friends of the Earth’s assessment of the Scottish Parties’ Green PoliciesNotwithstanding a certain caution about taking Friends of the Earth’s assessment at face value, this diagram (click to enlarge) is a pretty bad indictment on the Conservatives’ claims to be an environmentally friendly party.

More info on the Friends of the Earth Scotland website and The Herald. The Lib Dems fare better than the SNP and Labour but worse than the SSP and the Greens.


  1. The £1m environmental justice fund seems to be some sort of handout for campaigners. But if you do the other 9, who needs all those extra campaigners, eh?

    Anyway, if amber represents a proportionate response to environmental challenges and green represents an excessive one, then the best party is the one with the most ambers. The Lib Dems, of course.

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