The unanswered question

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Alan Beddow is right, and Baroness Williams said the same thing on This Week: Blair must answer the question about head teachers.

Menzies Campbell could do worse than to ask exactly the same question next week. If Blair refused to answer then Ming’s follow up could be devastating.

3 thoughts on “The unanswered question

  1. James,

    I guess this is a matter of hindsight, If Sir Ming had thought of this at the time, it would have got a standing
    ovation instead of the rather embarrasing silence that followed.

    I would not like to face PMQ, talk about thinking on your feet, it took me 2 days to come up with this one.

    Exactly the same when your in the pub and some one says something, you always think of that superbly
    crafted put down later on.

  2. All true enough, but knowing the level of thought that some MPs put into PMQs when the opportunity comes up, it did demonstrate a bit of a worry.

    As I say above, I think he has a real opportunity to turn a negative into a plus next week. But it would have been better if he started in the black in the first place.

  3. It is outrageous that Blair (1) got away with not answering the question, and (2) made light of an important issue.

    I cannot imagine that Ming would ever ask Blair a question without knowing the answer.

    Ming and his colleagues need to pursue this relentlessly until Blair (a) provides an answer, and (b) tells us what he’s going to do about it.

    These schools are failing on Blair’s watch. “Education, education, education” notwithstanding.

    And what a bunch of puerile, playground wallies, these Labour and Tory MPs!

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