Daily Archives: 23 January 2006

Whither the Liberal?

I’m sure many people will be boycotting it anyway, but has anyone else noticed how long it seems to be taking for The Liberal to bring out its latest issue?

Also, they still have a link to their Kennedy Must Go petition on the front page. Hello?

All this does somewhat suggest a bit of a miscalculation by Mr Ramm. The latest issue was to include a feature on why Kennedy ought to resign, which has now obviously been overtaken by events. Despite the fact that I have no doubt their petition had very little impact on Kennedy’s resignation (the pre-New Year press release claiming thousands of signatures was just pathetic, and the media knew it), it was foolish to launch the campaign before bringing out the issue.

The quietness from the Ramm front since the New Year suggests there may be problems at Liberal Towers – I doubt establishment figures like Andrew Motion appreciate getting dragged into nasty political squabbles. It would be a shame if this was the last we saw of the magazine though. I for one feel we have all too publications that are unashamedly liberal, and it would be a shame to lose one, even if I don’t agree with what has been done in its name.

How to sell Ming

As I’ve got myself into deep water for being critical of the defensive nature of the Campbell campaign, I feel I should point out an example of the right way to do it by Chris Davies MEP (whose backing counts for a lot in my book). Davies, a former marketing expert who has an excellent record in getting the media to cover that most ignored of subjects, the goings on in the European Parliament, has opted to brazenly sell the man, and not the team. That’s the way you do it, Nick.

Also, Tim Hames makes a good fist of an argument: Ming is a muppet, but he’s a good kind of muppet.