Daily Archives: 30 January 2006

Willy Waving

The Huhne and Campbell camps are having a pissing contest at the moment over who has the most council leaders supporting them. Anyone with more time on their hands than me want to work out who has the most according to population size?

Clearly, the fact that they are spending all their time on such important matters explains why neither of them has thus far made any response to the Reflecting Britain campaign. Good sense of priorities, guys. Real leadership qualities shining through.

The S-word

You’ve got to wonder.

Both Nick Assinder and Guido appear to think the phrase “straight choice” is a reference to a candidate’s sexuality and not a common term to mean “simple”.

Given that the Labour candidate in the Dunfermline and West Fife is 8 months pregnant, I don’t think anyone is suggesting she hasn’t had sex with a man at least once in her life.

The fact that both of them seem to think this is even noteworthy would rather suggest that they aren’t entirely au fait with what the fuss was about in the first place. Give me strength.