Quaequam Blog! Liveblog (Listen on LBC 97.3)

7:16:15 PM: I’ll be one of the bloggers on LBC’s election coverage tonight: http://iaindale.blogspot.com/2010/05/join-me-for-lbcs-election-night.html 7:19:25 PM: Hard to tell from @glinner’s tweets if his Tory tellers were breaking the rules or not. 7:21:38 PM: If they insisted on having his poll number, an offence was made. If they politely asked it’s a fine practice we… Continue reading Quaequam Blog! Liveblog (Listen on LBC 97.3)

This is a liveblog test (thanks to @chickyog for suggestion).

7:02:43 PM: RT: @libdemvoice: http://ldv.org.uk/19345 >> If this IS the result tomorrow, there’ll be riots in the streets. 7:07:48 PM: On the other hand, that result would mean I get to eat TWO chocolate bars #mydiabeticpledge 7:09:41 PM: RT: @votematch: Official: we’ve had 1,002,000 users and counting. Will we hit 2 million before close of… Continue reading This is a liveblog test (thanks to @chickyog for suggestion).


Am I a bully? Over the past month I’ve been accused of bullying twice. Once for suggesting that calling one’s political opponents “national socialists” is over the top and yesterday on twitter for suggesting that there is something ironic for the director of a subsidiary of an organisation called Progressive Vision to criticise people for… Continue reading Bullying