Blink and you’ll miss it: the return of Lib Dem property taxation?

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Campbell to ditch high-tax policy

They are likely to propose that the system be made more progressive without the higher top rate. Instead, the party may suggest higher capital gains or property taxes on the better off.

It looks like a head of steam is brewing to both ditch the supertax and (my requirement) to ditch the party’s opposition to property-based taxes. Something tells me however we will end up with a somewhat better policy than council tax however…

With Huhne making similar noises, it suggests this election will be an interesting debate that goes beyond left and right. Hughes I suspect will champion the supertax, but he is also on record as a known LVT supporter so that may cause him difficulties. Oaten’s fudge is looking more foolish by the minute. Claiming to be the vanguard of the left won’t wash and he will make a fairly uncomfortable piggy in the middle I suspect.

But of course, Ming is also claiming to be to the left of Labour (I haven’t read this yet as I tend to reserve the Guardian for my commute – will comment more later on it though). What we’re seeing is something much more nuanced than a battle between left and right, but real thinking that demands intelligent answers.

People who think this election is just about who is “nice” and has nothing to do with policy could not be more wrong. Our policy narrative for the next half-decade is going to be written over the next couple of weeks.

4 thoughts on “Blink and you’ll miss it: the return of Lib Dem property taxation?

  1. There weren’t any Guardians at the station this morning, so I was denied my read. From the website, though, this looks like a surprising (in a good way) choice of direction from Ming.

  2. There is certainly a lot of good in Ming’s interview with the Guardian today. I particularly liked the line about there not being room for three Management Companies in British politics.

    I’m surprised it hasn’t helped his odds though, which seem to be the only ones lengthening at the moment.

  3. That’s because a large amount of the betting seems to be by Tories who see everything in their own image and are convinced he’s had his David Davis moment (as if).

    Just checked Betfair and they’ve tightened again, though. There must have been a fair amount of value betting.

  4. Agree it’s good to see tax becoming a central theme (inasmuch as it seems to be the only policy area as yet on which all four candidates have made precise comments). The media will latch on to it- and may finally be forced to realise it’s not just about higher/lower.

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