Daily Archives: 12 January 2006

Huhne wavers on supertax pledge

According to the Guardian, he said today:

“The 50p top tax rate is now looking in international terms quite uncompetitive . . . and there are alternative ways of being redistributive.”

I certainly agree with the second point, although I think the first can be overblown. While it is hardly a policy announcement, it is certainly more sensible than Oaten’s fudge.

Scrap the Ministry of Fun?

I’ve been thinking about this for a while, and this story (via this bloke) has got me thinking again: if the Lib Dems would abolish the DTI, then why not abolish the Department of Media, Culture and Sport at the same time?

I’m not suggesting, as Tim seems to imply (not that I’m putting words into his mouth), that we should abolish all arts subsidies, but it does make me wonder what the DCMS is actually for. Gambling, licensing laws and smoking could easily be passed onto the ODPM. The Olympic bid would suggest there is some sense in having a government interest in sporting matters, but it could easily be part of another department. Indeed, given the importance of its impartiality, I would have thought that not having a whole department with responsibility over the BBC would actually be a desirable thing. And not having a whole department with this responsibility would decrease the possibility of taxpayer’s money being wasted on something like Icons (why not just ask the BBC to do this if you’re that bothered FFS!?).

Before the Kennedy Assassination, Chris Huhne was asked to find £15bn in spending cut commitments. I think he could do worse than to look here, but I’d be really interested to know what other people think.