In praise of comic book movies

March’s Empire has a special section on comic book movies, to coincide with the releases of V for Vendetta, Mirrormask and X-Men 3. Irritatingly, they’ve gone for a 1960s Batman “pow! bang! smack!” pastiche for the cover(s) but we’ll let that pass. The first bit of (potentially) good news is that V gets a good… Continue reading In praise of comic book movies

Half-Baked Incineration Policy

Ming’s podcast question hotline is a great idea and it is a shame they didn’t go with it earlier. Unfortunately, it was let down by the content. No Mr Campbell, it is not a matter of deciding between incineration and recycling. There is a third option which is usually labelled as “incineration”: energy from waste.… Continue reading Half-Baked Incineration Policy

First victim of the Campbell purges?

You may have noticed that Nick Barlow‘s weblog is down. This is not due to him being carted off to the gulag for having the nerve to run Bloggers4Chris, but is apparently due to a problem with his ISP. That’s what we’re supposed to think, anyway.