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I’ve got an article in the latest issue of Parliamentary Monitor. Annoyingly you can’t read it online without a subscription but if you are going to any of the party conferences you should be able to pick up an issue there.

I’m always a little wary of what sub-editors will do to my stuff but I think they got it right here:

Think before you speak

James Graham calls on Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg to keep things simple and avoid the temptation to think out loud

That’s how I was feeling last month. After last weekend, it almost sounds prescient.

You might also find some parallels between this and Mike Smithson’s article on Lib Dem Voice last week. Although I wrote it before his piece was published, it is nice to see great minds think alike.

UPDATE: The Parliamentary Monitor article is now live.

2 thoughts on “My article in Parliamentary Monitor

  1. I wrote it myself, although I’m struggling to recall my thinking behind putting “VOTE MCCAIN!!!” between every other paragraph.

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