Where’s Lemby? Day Three

Still no sign of anything at lembit4president.co.uk. I did however get around to looking at the source code – it’s not just a 404 but actually a frame linking to an external site which is currently 404 – which points to a page on dilatedsky.co.uk. This also draws a blank, but it is registered to a Neil Noakes, whose entirely unenlightening LinkedIn profile can be found here.

James Graham – internet detective.

Meanwhile, new Lembit links on teh internets today include a characteristically surreal appearance in a Hooting Yard entry and, via Liberal England, the announcement that Lembit will be taking part in a protest against the banning of Segways on public highways. Exactly the sort of priority we are looking for in a President of the party!

In the interests of balance, a link to the competition.

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