Extraordinary rant from Fiyaz Mughal

Fiyaz Mughal posted this extraordinary rant at 2.15am on Wednesday morning: Come on! Don’t get taken in by ‘Big’ Names, Look at the Experience in Front of You 2.15.00am BST (GMT +0100) Wed 19th Sep 2007 Tomorrow is the first hustings of the mayoral candidacy for the Party and the past few days have shown… Continue reading Extraordinary rant from Fiyaz Mughal

Why can’t the BBC get anything right?

Is it too much to ask for the BBC to get anything right? Take this quote for example: [Chamali] Fernando is a barrister from Finchley, who says he plans to put forward issues, ask tough questions and campaign across London. He wants to present Liberal Democracy “as the tonic for Londoners from all walks of… Continue reading Why can’t the BBC get anything right?

More BBC nonsense

Dawn Butler and Diane Abbott are having a pop at Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson: Ms Butler highlighted a 2002 article in which Mr Johnson referred to the Queen being greeted in Commonwealth countries by “flag-waving piccaninnies”. She claimed he also said that he expected, during a mooted visit by Tony Blair to the Congo,… Continue reading More BBC nonsense