Two can play at that game Mr Howells (UPDATED)

Think you’re funny eh Will? Well, when I was at the anti-war demo, I saw this scandalous poster:
Mark Pack - the world’s #1 terrorist
I think we deserve an explanation after this revelation.

(see this if you don’t understand)

UPDATE: No one likes a laugh at Labour’s expense more than me, but Norfolk Blogger is entirely wrong to take this latest example is indicative of how “Labour” campaigns.

As Lib Dems, we get this sort of slur all the time – you will recall I went a bit off the rails last week because Francis Maude was attempting to brand the party as racist on the basis of a single unfortunate incident. It isn’t true when other parties play this game, and it isn’t true when we do the same.

It would appear that Busharat Ali has shown himself to be unfit for public office; serious questions have to be asked about Bristol Labour’s judgement in selecting him, and allowing him to publish this leaflet. But there is no evidence to suggest that this is part of a wider tendency within Labour.

Take the piss, and certainly don’t vote for Busharat Ali, but reading more into this than is credible simply lowers the tone of political discourse.


  1. I accept that UPDATE is a little po-faced, and maybe I should just keep my big mouth shut, but I think there’s a difference between saying “x is a liar” and “x proves that party y are all liars” and I don’t think I’m (too) guilty of the latter.

    Still, as someone who I’ve had run ins in the past with for very much doing the latter, and on the shakiest of grounds, no doubt you are even now preparing to expose me as a hypocrite. Enjoy yourself.

  2. You’re right James, for what it’s worth.

    Let’s just hope no Lib Dems are up to anything quite as underhand.

    And that if they are, they don’t make it so obvious as Bristol Labour! heh.

  3. The tone of elections has already fallen so low in this country now that they’d have to crawl up to get into the gutter.

    But with at least a million ‘ghost voters’ (The Times) to do their bidding, the politicians don’t care what most of us think anyhow.

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