One pig flu over the cuckoo’s nest

We are officially now in the grip of a new panic. Quite how justified all this screaming and shouting about swine influenza is remains to be seen, but there is certainly a lot of secondary nonsense starting to form. My favourite thus far is the Israel government’s insistence that it should be renamed “Mexican flu”… Continue reading One pig flu over the cuckoo’s nest

The Great Faith School Swindle

The Phantom Laurence points me to this excellent article by Francis Beckett about faith schools. In a weird cosmic juxtaposition last night (which, were I of lesser intelligence I might attribute to a Higher Power), after watching Munich on DVD I found myself watching the tail end of Jonathan Sacks’ BBC programme about Rosh Hashanah.… Continue reading The Great Faith School Swindle

Ferry stupid

Whatever your views on Brian Ferry’s barmy comments about the Nazis’ sense of style, I find it a little hard to see how boycotting Marks & Spencer can be seen as striking a blow against anti-semitism. Normally such boycotts are organised by anti-Zionists. Clearly they can’t win.