Modern Conservativism: xenophobic and economically illiterate

When Cameron finally gets round to his “capitalism roadshow” it might be an idea to stop off at Shrewsbury. The local MP, Daniel Lankygitz appears to be struggling with economics post-1821:

He has so far won the support of fellow Tories Mike Penning and Bob Spink for his motion which states: “This House notes that Cadbury’s are trialling French sugar in their products; is disappointed with the company’s failure to use solely English sugar and support English sugar producers; and urges hon. Members to boycott Cadbury’s products until the company stops importing French sugar”.

Seriously, English (note, not even UK) companies should only use English raw materials? It isn’t even as if we’re talking a significant increase in food miles here (which isn’t Lankygitz’s complaint).

Lankygitz has until now been presented as the very model of a modern Tory backbencher – aside from being extremely tall of course. One wonders what a rightwinger would sound like.


  1. Eh? I wasn’t under the impression that sugar cane was grown in the UK, but never mind.

    And I thought the Tory Party believed in free trade – certainly free movement of goods within the EU.

  2. And introduced in the 1930s incase of blockade. Previously sugar was all cane and imported. I learned this fact froma a Stephen Fry Novel!

    And Daniel Chav-kinky is an interesting character 😉

  3. The sort of soil that suits sugar beet is also good for potatoes I understand, which occurs to me is somewhat ironic.

  4. “trialling”should have one “l” being derived from “trial”. He probably went to some school for children from disfunctional families like Eaton.

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