Just passing through

Just got back from my parents’ and due to go off to Wales for my annual Youngish Bilderbergs’ retreat tomorrow, assuming I don’t get snowed in.

It’s interesting to see how many Lib Dem bloggers have chosen to write about Doctor Who over the past few days; there’s something about that series that is very Lib Dem. Laughing in the face of near certain disaster, depending on your wits to get you out of trouble, a strong dislike of tyranny and the idea that everything can be sorted by a nice cup of tea… it does tend to tick our boxes.

For Christmas, I got the usual mishmash. Particularly welcome was my digital camera, Wall and Piece by Banksy (about which, I must write more about at some point) and a couple of Jack Yeovil (Kim Newman) novels, both of which I had already – mostly, sorta – but were welcome all the same. I’m particularly intrigued by they way Demon Download appears to have been updated and set around 2020 (rather than 2000 as it was originally), particularly given that one would have thought this would affect a certain major character who is the subject of book three in quite a big way. We shall see.

A final thought before I go; what was all this stuff about Prince Charles changing his name on coronation? I knew about that years ago, so why the big hullaballoo now? I know the Christmas period is a bit of a news blackout at the best of times, but even so.


  1. Too true, cheers, I thought I was either a) going mad, or b) the only one who dimly recalled Charles long-ago declaring he wouldn’t be, er, Charles but yet another George if and when he took the throne…
    A bit bemusing, but barely enthralling last time, so was similarly surprised by the fuss this time around…
    These tsunamis, they raise false expectations of festive-time newsworthy happenings, the journos just got too greedy and impatient…

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