Daily Archives: 4 December 2005

Why quotation marks should be banned, part 125

I get a steady trickle of hits to this site via search engines due to my interest in false killer whales. This page, advertising paintings of very much real killer whales, which was one higher than me on MSN is interesting:

If you “Love Whales” then you will definately want to start collecting Connie McClure’s unique Whale prints. The intense depth of color and powerful sense of movement in her Whale paintings – makes them sought after by “Whale Lovers” the world over.

Is it me or do those quotation marks make this seem a little, well, salacious (if you know what I mean)?

Hacker’s legacy

I’m currently going through the complete Yes, Prime Minister on DVD. I’m currently at the start of the second disc of the first series, and by coincidence I think young George and Dave of Notting Hill are at the same spot:

DAVID CAMERON proposed a voluntary “National Service” scheme for school-leavers yesterday as his battle for the Conservative leadership with David Davis entered the final week.

Shadow Chancellor George Osborne told the BBC’s Sunday AM programme MPs’ salaries should to be determined by an independent panel.

“It’s crazy to let MPs or indeed anyone else decide their own salaries,” he said.

“This should be set by the same people civil service pay, teacher’s pay, and so on. Indeed I’d like us linked to a particular teaching grade or civil service grade”.

…both deftly pilthed from the scripts of The Grand Design and A Real Partnership.