Meeting the Challenge 4/2: Fairness

FAIRNESS: what should we do to reduce inequalities in health, education and prosperity? Full paper. This is in many ways one of the weakest sections of the paper, taking a very narrow view of fairness with none of the deliberation of different definitions that was found in the Tax Commission and I have already made… Continue reading Meeting the Challenge 4/2: Fairness

Mission accomplished

David Davis: So ladies and gentlemen, when I ask you to welcome the new leader of the Tory party, I am also asking you to welcome the next Conservative prime minister – David Cameron. Sorry, what was that? “Go back to your constituencies and prepare for government,” did you say?

Barmy conspiracy theories

Sayeth some bloke called John Siegenthaler: The marketplace of ideas ultimately will take care of the problem but in the meantime, what happens to people like me? You’ll just have to deal with obscurity like the rest of us, mate. Get over it. Or press “edit”.