Daily Archives: 2 December 2005

Flocking about

I wasn’t sure whether Martin felt ready to publicly announce this yet, but since he’s mentioned it on his blog, I’ll do the same.

Flock Together is a new website aimed at helping to promote Lib Dem by-elections, meetings and social activities. Martin Tod has done a simply fantastic job at this and deserves some kind of reward.

The site has just had its 250th member. I would strongly urge you to register right now and be its 251st. And while you’re at it, I invite all liberals to come to the Liberal Drinks on Wednesday 18 January – register on the site so we know you’re coming.

Freedom, New Labour Style

Okay, so first the government run around shouting about how their new plans will make all state schools independent and self-government. But then they introduce a one-size-fits-all system for teaching literacy? If it’s so good, then why not let the schools – and parents – decide for themselves?

Could you have a better example of Labour’s schizophrenic attitude towards decentralisation?

Oh, actually you can. All you need to look at is the consultation exercise that the party has prepared for its backbenchers to follow in their constituencies, complete with pre-written press release about how local parents are falling over themselves to support the proposals.

(Tip of the hat: Labour Watch, Tim Worstall, Jonathan Calder).