Cameron fails to get it up during honeymoon

Interesting to note that, according to the Baxter calculator (via pb.c), MORI’s 9-point lead for the Tories yesterday still doesn’t guarantee David Cameron a majority. And that’s leaving aside MORI’s dodgy methodology which is dubious at the best of times, and even more so now. MORI only count people ‘certain to vote’, and the start of Cameron’s honeymoon period is bound to soften the Lib Dem and Labour support while hardening the Tory support even if none of that is transferable into votes.

And despite people such as myself doing our best to run around like headless chickens over the Lib Dem leadership debacle, our vote here is shown to have hardened. I suspect this has more to do with us previously vanishing from the media spotlight entirely than a vote of confidence in Kennedy however.

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