Falling masonry

According to Recess Monkey, Davey Cameron’s a trouserleg lifter. In fact, I spotted this article on their newsfeed back on Friday, but it disappeared. Clearly the Monkey has been having a couple of quiet words with chaps in white wigs before deciding to publish, so I presume it is accurate.

Personally, I have personal cause to be suspicious of anyone who joins this sect. A close member of my family has had direct experience of what happens if your boss is a mason and another mason wants your job; in short you get shafted. Frankly, in my eyes, this reason alone would disqualify someone for public life, let alone leadership of a major political party. It will be interesting to see if the media pick up on it, and how the Cameroons respond.


  1. That sort of thing can happen with any organisation unfortunately. That example is similar to the reasons for my aversion to Unions.

    I don’t think anyone should be condemned for being a freemason, but if they are shown to abuse that membership then condemn away (same goes for any organisation, union, religious group, charity…).

    I take it that being a freemason isn’t required to be declared in the register of interests.

  2. I agree that Trade Unions can act in similar ways, but the difference is that unions are open and democratic organisations (however defectively so), whereas the freemasons are a secret cult. That makes them far more open to abuse.

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