Cheer up you miserable buggers!

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According to Lib Dem Voice, 52% of members surveyed think the party will at best hold steady at 63 MPs after the next election or lose MPs. I voted for the “63-75 MPs” option (although I veer towards the 63-70 range) and it surprises me that members are quite so pessimistic.

For the record, I do think Chris Huhne’s analysis last week is sound. That isn’t to say we won’t lose seats to the Tories, but I think we can afford to be confident that we will hold our own. It does suggest a somewhat rattled party after a couple of difficult years.

4 thoughts on “Cheer up you miserable buggers!

  1. I agree.
    Everyone seems too pessimistic for my liking.
    It seems many forget the Lib Dems do have quite a strong hold when it comes down to local elections.
    Next time the elections come around I’ll be allowed to vote and they’ll get mine.

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