Daily Archives: 24 January 2006

Modern Conservativism: xenophobic and economically illiterate

When Cameron finally gets round to his “capitalism roadshow” it might be an idea to stop off at Shrewsbury. The local MP, Daniel Lankygitz appears to be struggling with economics post-1821:

He has so far won the support of fellow Tories Mike Penning and Bob Spink for his motion which states: “This House notes that Cadbury’s are trialling French sugar in their products; is disappointed with the company’s failure to use solely English sugar and support English sugar producers; and urges hon. Members to boycott Cadbury’s products until the company stops importing French sugar”.

Seriously, English (note, not even UK) companies should only use English raw materials? It isn’t even as if we’re talking a significant increase in food miles here (which isn’t Lankygitz’s complaint).

Lankygitz has until now been presented as the very model of a modern Tory backbencher – aside from being extremely tall of course. One wonders what a rightwinger would sound like.

Reflecting Britain campaign

We’re finally ready to launch the Reflecting Britain campaign – the reason I’ve been a bit blog shy over the past couple of days (and the explanation for my WordPress rant on Sunday!).

What’s the purpose of this campaign? Well, for me (personal opinion), I expect to hear a lot of warm words over the next few weeks about how we need to make the Parliamentary Party look more like wider society, but whenever it comes to putting even relatively modest amounts of money where our politicians’ mouths are, it hasn’t been forthcoming. I’ve spent years sitting on committees arguing for just £10 grand extra here and there, only to be told that the money isn’t there (it is) and that I’d bring down the party’s whole campaign strategy if that money was reappropriated.

Frankly, I don’t believe it. More to the point, having seen the quality of candidates that have come through the Gender Balance Task Force‘s mentoring scheme, I think we are cutting our collective nose off to spite our face.

Anyway, I’m busy so I’ll leave it at that for now. But if you want to see the parliamentary party more gender and ethnically balance after the next General Election, please lend the campaign your support, and help promote the website.