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Had an interesting YouGov poll today, which seemed to be most concerned about whether potential Lib Dem leadership contender John Hemming was up to the job. Now, I wonder… who could have possibly paid them to run that poll…? Perhaps a national newspaper has decided to champion his cause. Or else it could be an eccentric millionaire. Such a mystery, such a mystery.

Whoever you are, thanks for my 50p!

2 thoughts on “YouWot?

  1. Yes, I got that too!

    And I also did the one last Friday asking Lib Dem members whether Kennedy should go (49%, including me, said yes). That was published in The Telegraph.

    I presume the same people were polled – or does YouGov really have such a huge number of Lib Dem members that they can select more than one sample?

  2. Hello,
    Yes, I got both of those YouGov polls too – I have noticed that YouGov often over-estimates Tory support so perhaps it’s not huge numbers of Lib Dems, but a huge numbers of Tories!

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