1. You know if you were on LJ you would have people all over your arse for just stating in the entry that Tennant is leaving without a spoiler cut… LJ is hilarious sometimes. Can’t support your campaign, I’m afraid, and I don’t think mine will be successful either.

    I am willing to lay down money right now that we’ll get Catherine Tate.

  2. Well, for starters, he appears to have ruled himself out. But secondly, it’s just such an uninspiring casting. Tennant was shouty enough for my liking – Nesbitt would be much worse.

    I also think he’s too much of a megastar already and doesn’t need it for a career boost.

  3. I think Nesbitt is a good bet. But I really only base this on:

    (a) Eccleston and Tennant having had a very strong working relationship with the outgoing R.T.D.
    (b) Nesbitt having a very strong working relationship with the incoming Moffat (e.g. Jekyll).

    The other thing that has shifted is that rather than the role being a poisoned chalice, it’s now an A-list, sought-after position. So even if Nesbitt is a “megastar” (am not sure he is), maybe this is a role that megastars now seek.

    I’m very confused about who I want next. My recommendation of Lembit doesn’t seem to be garnering much support, alas…

    Am I right that the decision could be as much as 12 months away, as DT is doing all four 2009 specials (and presumably, they won’t want to announce the new Doctor until the very end of DT’s run)?

    Also, am assuming that David Morrisey starring in “The Next Doctor” at Xmas is just a tease….surely the casting decision will be The Moffat’s, not RTD’s?

    This is all much more fun than LibDem politics, by the way!

  4. I think it is a logical fallacy to assume that (a) should lead to (b). Moffat and Davies are different people and so there is no reason to assume he will approach casting in the same way as his predeccessor.

    However, if we are going to talk about past Steve Moffat alumni, how about:

    * Dexter Fletcher (actually, could be interesting!)
    * Richard Coyle (would be great in my view, but how much bad blood is there between actor and scriptwriter following his decision to leave Coupling?)
    * Ben Miles (no thanks)
    * Jack Davenport (noooo!)

    Come to mention it, why not Rowan Atkinson? Moffat’s actually written him as Doctor Who!

    Seriously though – I just think limiting options based on who the screen writer has worked with in the past is a bit too limiting.

  5. Yeah, I think you’re right. I don’t think (a) leads to 9b).

    Wasn’t really trying to prove it will be Nesbitt, merely trying to explain why I and others think he might be the 11th Doctor (i.e. on a very narrow – and probably unfair – view of previous casting).

    It’s surely The Moff’s decision though. And one he’ll take in Summer/Autumn 2009?

    My girlfriend is absolutely certain it will be the nerdy guy from Mitchell & Webb (I can never remember which is which!)

  6. I’m so old guard, that I want Peter Davison brought back. I actually welled up when he met up with David Tennant. God, I need to get out more….

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