Should the tall skinny young bloke be replaced with a short fat older bloke?

Listening to Simon Russell Beale reviewing David Tennant’s performance of Hamlet on Today this morning, I am reminded of a point I wanted to make on my abortive “memo to Steven Moffat” blog post. That is, wouldn’t SRB make a fantastic Doctor? He would of course be more in the Troughton mould, but that is no bad thing in my view. I just think he would be superb – and fundamentally the kids would love him. What does the panel think?


  1. He’d be interesting. In a similar Troughtonesque vein, and possibly more likely to be considered by the production team and be interested in the role, I was thinking Rory Kinnear.

  2. Sorry – I draw the line at Doctors younger than me. I can cope with policemen and medical doctors, but not fictional characters who are supposed to be 900 years old!

  3. Glad you agree with me James, wouldnt he be great as Bilbo and brilliant as the Doctor? I better ask SRB this when I see him again at the NT Monday.

    I have to say mind that if SRB eventually becomes a huge film or tv star it will be such a big loss for the theatre.

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