Grassroots beats astroturfing – official

With apologies for running two Lib Dem presidential election stories in one day – I am trying to cut down – promise! Remember Lembit claiming he was set to win because he had more members on his Facebook group than the other candidates? Of course, since anyone can join a Facebook group, it turned out… Continue reading Grassroots beats astroturfing – official

Where’s Lemby’s Answers? Day 7

Well, Lembit won’t answer my questions, but he is keen to talk to, where he criticises the party for “fear of standing out” and portraying its policies in “pastel shades” (I know there are people out there who criticise Lembit’s talk about “pastel shades” as being misogynist but I have a more fundamental objection:… Continue reading Where’s Lemby’s Answers? Day 7