Where’s Lemby’s Answers? Day 4

Adrian Pennock” (is this some obscure football/Ipswich angle I haven’t come across?) has a new angle on the conspiracy theory:

Lembit’s conspiracy angle sits well with the refusal to organise official hustings and let members see for themselves that the Baroness ought not to be party president for very obvious reasons which would be exposed in a hustings scenario.

The fundamental flaw in this theory is that with Lembit by far the highest profile candidate, he is the main beneficiary of the lack of official hustings (although in point of fact there have been several unofficial ones).

Apparently, any discussion of the prospect of Lembit appearing on Celebrity Big Brother is nothing but a vicious slur made up by his opponents. The very idea! So, I thought I’d show you all a video of Lembit, erm, appearing on Celebrity Big Brother:

Lembit of course claims that appearing on such programmes keeps the party in touch with people who would otherwise ignore us. Believe it or not, I’m not entirely unsympathetic to that theory, but surely we have enough evidence now to demonstrate it one way or another. So come on, where is it?

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