William Shatner: a beautiful mind

Watching old Trek stars fight is like watching my parents beat each other up. I think it is fair to say that, snub or no snub, it is William Shatner who comes out the worse from this video:


  1. Shatner has never voiced any expectation of a wedding invite, and his gracious response to media inquiry was reported by The New York Post of 4 June 2008: “No, we have not been in touch [with George Takei and his soon-to-be husband] but I wish the happy couple all the best. George deserves a moment of happiness.”

    Link: tinyurl.com/49uyf9

    With the Takei “psychosis” video, Shatner has hit a raw nerve of widespread media buzz.

    Note: A&E’s new talk show, “Shatner’s Raw Nerve”, premieres on the Biography Channel in December (or sooner?), so there’s precious little time to promote Shat’s capability as a badass on the edge!


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