Where’s Lemby? Day Thirteen

Blogging is light at the moment until I can find decent WiFi in Bournemouth. Still no news of Lembit’s actual campaign – even the dejected-looking staff member collecting signatures has disappeared. lembitforpresident.co.uk has a new holding page. Someone sent me a picture of Lembit whizzing around on his (yawn!) Segway which I will duly publish as soon as I can blog using something other than an effing BlackBerry. And when I talked to Lembit myself this morning, he appeared to be a little hoarse – whether that was revellry or disease-related is currently unclear.

Serously. This is starting to go beyond simple disorganisation and look pretty contemptuous of the electorate. So a message to Team Lembit: send me an email to confirm your candidate is actually standing and to give me a launch date: semajmaharg{at}gmail{dot}com. It is time we heard from you!

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