Top 100 Tree Huggers

I should declare an interest as he is one of my bosses, but I was disappointed to see that Ron Bailey didn’t make the Department of the Environment’s Top 100 Environmentalists.

Pretty much anyone who has campaigned nationally on environmental issues in the last 20 years must have come across Ron, or worked on one of Ron’s project at some point. And he has a tremendous record of success at a time when it was much less easy to be green: the Home Energy Conservation Act, Warm Homes and Energy Conservation Act and the Road Traffic Reduction Act. The Bailey-masterminded Local Sustainability Bill (note – contrary to what certain people would have you believe, this didn’t spring perfectly formed out of David Cameron’s arse) has just been adopted by Nick Hurd MP, who came top of the private members’ ballot. Supported by 363 MPs (a majority – and that includes all 63 Lib Dem MPs I’m pleased to say), it has a real chance of becoming law.

If that isn’t enough to be Swampy, for Pete’s sake, what is?


  1. Couldn’t agree with you more. I have worked with Ron on several things over the years – and am very surprised not to see him in the list.
    Tom & Barbara from the Good Life – but no Ron. Pah, who chose this list!

  2. No mention either of the Centre for Alternative Technology, its creator Gerard Morgan Grenville and others such as Peter Harper who still live there.

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