“Shagger” Wells lends Labour money from beyond the grave

Curious. The H.G. Wells Centre has lent Orpington Labour £2,000. I mention this because:

  • What does Orpington Labour need two grand for? It’s hardly a target seat.
  • I thought the H. G. Wells Centre got knocked down years ago and the site is now the Waitrose car park.

As a Bromley escapee, I may be mistaken about the second point, although it certainly didn’t look like it was there when I went through Bromley South on the train on Sunday. Perhaps someone Local can set me right.


  1. The H G Wells Centre was certainly still there last time I went past. Waitrose is slightly further up.

    What do Orpington CLP want with it? I dunno – maybe the charity shop on St Mary Cray High Street isn’t doing so well 😉

  2. Seem to recall seeing a sign on an HG Wells centre (effectively a Labour club) in Bromley town centre at the by-election. Could it be that one instead?

    Curious as to what they need the funds for, but Labour can be very parochial and perhaps the local constitution requires them to fund Labour in the (borough of) Bromely?

  3. Brian: I stand corrected. I just seem to recall there being discussion about it getting knocked down a few years ago.

  4. The HG Wells Centre is still there – a solitary old building in the middle of the new development.
    I believe Orpington Labour HQ has been sold (or is in the process of it). The HG Wells Centre is Bromley (Borough) Labour Club I believe, which would explain it.

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