Mongrel watchdog

I’m struggling here. What, in principle, is wrong with merging a bunch of QUANGOs together? Surely we want fewer of the things, not more? And why can’t one big one not do a better job than lots of little ones? Isn’t this exactly the conclusion we came to when supporting the creation of the Commission… Continue reading Mongrel watchdog

Staines’ and Taylor’s self-righteous face-off

Paul “Guido” Staines and Matthew Taylor are having an indirect war of words today, with both sides blaming the other for the current ‘crisis’ in democracy. Frankly, this is self-aggrandisement on a massive scale. Websites such as Order-Order hardly help restore people’s trust in politics, but anyone who believes, as Matthew Taylor appears to, that… Continue reading Staines’ and Taylor’s self-righteous face-off

Tony Blair guilty of sedition?

Welcome that it is that Republic have put a petition on the 10 Downing Street website, doesn’t this technically make Tony Blair guilty of sedition under the Treason Felony Act? Perhaps Yates of the Yard ought to widen his investigation still further?